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English teacher needed - TEACH FROM HOME (Remote)

Retribuzione: $15-22 USD
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Job Description

Tutors will tutor English as a Second Language (ESL) online to overseas students in China (age 5 to 15). Tutors will be provided with the opportunity to experience Alo7’s cutting edge tutoring platform and interactive curriculum, which is easy to operate, fun and interactive, a combination of arts and technology, and a reflection of MIT Media Lab experiences.

The class you tutor online is a review of what they've learned in the classroom. Such tutoring is very important for the students as they are eager to learn from English speakers who speak English at an idiomatic level.

Tutoring sessions are mostly 1 to 3+ (1 tutor with 3 students +), or group sessions. Tutors have the freedom of opening time slots during Peak tutoring time where the students are available for tutoring ( 6am to 9am EST DST)


- Mother language must be English; must speak English at an idiomatic level and must be from US, Canada, UK, Australia.

That means that you were born in and grew up in one of these countries. You can live anywhere in the world, but having an accent from one of these 4 countries is a requirement. Most of your students will go abroad to study in one of these 4 countries. That's why schools require tutors with these accents.

- Teaching or tutoring or educator experience is preferred, but not required

- Must enjoy working with children

- Must be friendly, sociable, dynamic, energetic, compassionate, patient, and detail-oriented

- Must enjoy teaching through digital media

- Knowledge of a foreign language is NOT required

If you don't know any other foreign language, you can still teach English, as we have all the developed curriculum for you to use.

Position Requirements:

- A quiet room with good lighting

Network / Wifi Speed:at least 4Mbps / 4Mbps (downlink and upper link)

You can check your speed using this link:

If your speed is not met, please talk to your internet service provider.

Camera:HD External camera or HD integrated camera (Most laptops have it)

Headset:Use a headset with a microphone, stable output and input

Tutoring Hours:

Your students will be based in Asia, and will be on Beijing time.

The peak tutoring hours are 6pm to 9pm Beijing time, every day of the week, which converts to 6:00am to 9:00am EST Daylight Savings time or 5:00am to 8:00am EST Normal time.


If you are in USA, most available hours are in the early morning.

If you are in Asia, most available hours are at night.

If you are in Europe, most available hours are in the middle of the day.


This is an independent contractor position. You have the potential to earn between $15 and $22 USD per hour.

Each 25-minute class pays $7.50 per class or each 50-minute pays $15 per class as base rate. This base rate applies to most programs. On top of the base pay, we offer incentives up to 25%.

Top School Program where some tutors from top 100 universities in US or in the world (UK, Canada, Australia) are invited to tutor this special Program. The base rate is $20 per 50 minute class as base rate + Additional Incentive pay.

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