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Italian language - Native Online Tutor

My name is Paolo and I am a programmer since almost 20 years now. I live in Italy, in a small town on the west coast, between Rome and Naples.

I’ve always liked very much to know people from other countries, to learn about their cultures. Few years ago I tought it could have been interesting to help people who wants to improve their Italian and know more about my country. People who are maybe willing to come here for work or tourism, and be prepared to deal with the real life in Italy. I'm a curious person with many and different interests. I am very passionate about topics such as technology, science, cinema, music, sports, history, culture and many others. If you will book lessons with me, It will be a great pleasure to see your improvements and be a part of the learning process.

I can do my best with students who have already started an italian class or worked with a professional teacher, and would like to improve by practising whit conversation what they studied with theory. I think my English is good enough to help my students when their Italian will need an helping hand, but i will always try to use italian the whole lesson.
I am sure many people wants to know informations and curiosities about my country and i am always happy to let people know about my culture, and discuss with them every aspect of it. I like spontaneous conversation, according to your mood and the common interests we share, like friends relaxing and talking about everything.

I am going to use different approaches based on your level, your interests and your personality. While we talk I will suggest improvements,correct mistakes and, meanwhile , i will try to explain aspects of our culture and lifestyle.
I like to change subjects every lesson. We can decide which topic we will talk about, and you can feel free to bring the ones you like more.
We can use books or articles from Italian news, i can suggest you to hear italian music, we can talk about italian movies, sometimes just discuss about what’s going on in the world. We can pick our favorite ones, i will always try to understand your tastes, and use them as tools to improve your conversational skill.

I have a good experience with a good number of people from different countries. If you need references, i can ask some of them to tell you about our work together.

I'm available via Skype or Hangouts. I prefere to work with adults and i can offer a FREE Trial Lesson (30 minutes )
If you will decide to work with me the price is 20$ for one hour lesson or 70$ for a 4 lessons package.

If you need further informations feel free to contact me.

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